Phumi Bezu

Growing up in Soweto and surrounded by the style and flair of my grandmother, my mother, and my aunts, I have to say I acquired a trained eye for fashion and beauty trends. With my amassed wealth of experience in the corporate retail space as a buyer for some of the largest retailers in South Africa, including the Edcon Group, the Clicks Group as well as eCommerce, came the birth of my own line of handmade Ankara (African Wax Print) handbags. 

I was inspired to start the FourTimesThree line after having a life-changing opportunity to travel outside of South Africa for the 1sttime. I traveled to Madagascar, where I was first exposed to and dazzled by the beauty of the patterns and colors of African textiles.

I was in awe of the beautiful Raffia bags made by the locals, and it was great to see so many Malagasy people including myself having such a deep appreciation for the various designs and precision handcraft. While most global fashion trends are influenced by the USA and Europe, what I saw in Madagascar proved that quality and innovative designs can come from Africa.

On my next visit to East Africa, I came across the Ankara cloth, which is used from clothing to curtains to table clothes in that part of the world. And I wanted to combine the quality and finishes of the developed markets with textiles and fabrics of Africa into an artisan, one-of-a-kind handbag range.

I really hope you fall in love with what we have created and with every purchase of a FourTimesThree bag, you not only have added an element of fun and elegance to your outfit, you have also helped to empower our local talents.

Siyabonga! (Thank you in isiZulu)

Brandon Hendricks
Head of Production

Hendricks’ career spans 35 years in the leather and bag manufacturing industry. What he brings to Four Times Three is a wealth of experience and that special knack for detail which has seen him become an important cog in the business.

“I was definitely excited to join the Four Times Three team. It’s a chance to make full use of my abilities and skills developed over the three decades of working in this industry, where I was often restricted in terms of creativity,” says Brandon. 

“Four Times Three gives me the chance to handcraft fresh and innovative designs with my own hands - which will be sold all over the world. This sort of opportunity motivates me. This is what I call empowerment.” 

Brandon was born and bred in the multi-cultural hub of District Six before he and his family were forcibly removed during Apartheid to Valhalla Park on the Cape Flats.

After dropping out of school at a young age due to challenging circumstances, his first job saw him produce leather purses and wallets. Since then, he’s worked his way through the ranks, taking on managerial roles at various manufacturing companies. 

Hard earned, hands-on experience and a love for a beautifully finished product have made him an invaluable member of our team.